junio 4, 2018 archive

73° Reunión anual de la ASSH. Septiembre 13-15, 2018. BOSTON, MA

Fuente:   https://twitter.com/HandSociety/status/1003705443632537600 http://www.assh.org/annualmeeting/Program/Scientific-Program/Details2/ArticleID/56518/1st-Annual-Hand-Surgery-Quiz-Bowl     Be a part of the 1st Annual Hand Surgery Quiz Bowl! Aspiring hand surgeons will have the chance to test their knowledge and stamina at this years’ Annual Meeting in Boston by joining in this fast-paced competition! Learn more here: https://t.co/ZZkST34Y04 #MotivationMonday pic.twitter.com/lKyf43oD1s — ASSH (@HandSociety) 4 de junio …

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