Case Studies Compare Benefits, Drawbacks of Electric Digit

Case Studies Compare Benefits, Drawbacks of Electric Digits

  • O&P Business News, May 2014

John Miguelez

CHICAGO — A speaker at the American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists Annual Meeting and Scientific Symposium presented case studies that demonstrated prosthetic solutions to improve the function of electric digits for partial hand amputees. Read more

Future initiatives

Necessary improvements of the devices include consistency of operation, improved cosmesis and increases in speed, responsiveness, grip and pinch strength and sensory feedback, according to study results.
Miguelez said that electric digits have been a key technological development in O&P, however, they are not yet fast enough.
“If someone has to wait on the electric digits to move, they are going to use their sound side in a lot of situations,” he said. “So we have to speed them up.” — by Shawn M. Carter